Manual Arts High School develops successful, resilient, and self-reliant students to be advocates for change in their school, community, and on a global scale.

Vision Statement

The Manual Arts High School community is dedicated to providing culturally relevant, innovative, and rigorous learning environments that prepare students to be college-and-career ready in our ever-evolving society.

Manual Arts School-wide Learner Outcomes

We at Manual Arts High School believe that in order for students to be college and career ready they must:

Think Critically

  • Apply problem solving skills and logical thinking to make informed decisions
  • Formulate opinions based on multiple perspectives and valid evidence
  • Negotiate situations outside of academic settings in order to participate in all aspects of social, economic, and civil endeavors

Oral and Written Communication

  • Develop collaborative learning and working habits that will strengthen professional and personal relationships
  • Communicate effectively in a variety of situations with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Access and apply information to maximize skills to be competitive in a technologically evolving society


  • Understand current conditions and act on the needs of society
  • Develop new ideas and inventions that shape future endeavors and make a difference within a global community
  • Utilize all possible resources, including creativity and talent, in order to be successful in both current and future careers

Life Long Learners

  • Develop the self-awareness and initiative required to thrive in a changing global market
  • Become steadfast learners who are motivated to continue educational and career pursuits
  • Establish a mindset of tolerance and open mindedness that leads to experiences and opportunities for self-improvement